Beautiful power strip.
No one will recognize that it is a power strip. OTTO has 8 power outlets inside but it looks like an ornament in your living room or wherever its placed.

Storing the Power Cables.
The device cavity can store large AC adapters and cables. OTTO reduces clutter and helps keep your area clean.




Control lighting brightness from anywhere.
Even while sitting on your sofa far away from the light switch, you can dim the lights using the OTTO smartphone or tablet app. 2 of the 8 power outlets are equipped with dimming functionality. *The lighting equipment should be dimmer supported.


Turn ON/OFF from Any Remote Location.
All 8 outlets can be turned on or off via the internet no matter where you are! You never have to worry about leaving devices powered on when you leave home. You can also set a timer on all of the power outlets.




 Rated Capacity

 10A, 125V
- Total 1000W max.
- Dimming 200W max.

 Outlet  8 outlets
- ON/OFF function x 6
- Dimming function x2
 Network connection  Ethernet(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
 WiFi(IEEE802.11 b, g, n )
 Supported devices  Android4.4
 Nexus 5/ Nexus 7
(Recommended device)
 iOS 8
 iPhone 5s or newer iPad
Size  W420×D253×H130mm
Power cable  2m/1.5kg
Color  Gloss white
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