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LiveShell X

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LiveShell X is an innovative live broadcast streaming device with HDMI input encoding at up to 1080/60p in H.265 and recording to a microSD card, all without a PC. It also supports simultaneous multi-streaming and the ability to add subtitles and lower thirds. LiveShell X provides stable, professional quality streaming.

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For immediate LiveShell X availability and the lead time information, please contact the following our partners around the world.

US Resellers and others/Pan-America distribution except Brazil:Broadcast USA

Brazil: Cinereal

Korea: Solomon Multimedia

Scandinavia: EKAB Distribution

Italy: Adcom

Benelux: mediamachine

Other European countries: New Media AV

Ukraine: TV Project

Australia/New Zealand: AP Technologies

Singapore: Media Architects

Vietnam: Kimdat

Malaysia: RAP Distribution

Thailand: Coremedia TV

Turkey: Pelinsan Electroniks


Others regions/countries: Please contact Cerevo