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LiveShell 2 Trade-Up Program

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LiveShell 2 Users - Trade-Up Program


Thank you for your continued support of Cerevo products and services.

It has been more than five years since LiveShell 2, Cerevo’s live streaming device, launched in September 2015 and it has recently become difficult to obtain major repair components. As a result, Cerevo will stop accepting out of warranty paid repairs for LiveShell 2 at the end of March 2021.

In addition new firmware development for LiveShell 2 will also end.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the many customers who have used LiveShell 2 in the past 5 years.


For customers who are currently using LiveShell 2, we would like to offer a trade-up program to allow customers to replace their LiveShell 2 with the successor device LiveShell X. This is a great opportunity to replace your existing LiveShell 2 with a newer, more sophisticated device.


Future Support for LiveShell 2

Paid repair support ends: 31st March 2021

Questions about continuing to use LiveShell 2, please contact at


Trade-Up Program Details

If you send your current LiveShell 2, we will offer the successor device LiveShell X for $399 instead of the regular price of $699.


Trade-Up Program Start

20th February 2021


Trade-Up Target Device

LiveShell 2

Available for Discounted Purchase 

LiveShell X

For LiveShell X product detail, please click here


Trade-Up Rules 

If you wish trading up, please send your LiveShell 2 to Cerevo.*1 *4
Please provide purchase details (email, receipt, etc.) from either the Official Cerevo Store or authorized retailers/distributors.*2 *3
Please initialized the LiveShell 2 before sending to Cerevo.*5
The user who applies this trade-up program must have sole ownership of the LiveShell 2.

How to Apply

Please apply the trade-up program from this page by clicking ADD CART button and complete the purchase of the trade-up program. 
After applying for purchase, please send your LiveShell 2 and purchase details within 30 days.*1

If you are a corporation and would like to apply to trade-up multiple units at once, please contact us at


For any inquiries, please contact the Cerevo Customer Support team at;


Terms and Conditions

1: You are responsible for the cost of sending in your LiveShell 2. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping your LiveShell 2 to Oregon if you live in the U.S. or Canada, Germany if you live in Europe, or Japan if you live in other countries. The shipping address will be provided after your application.
2: The trade-up offer is only available to those who have purchased a new product from either the Official Cerevo Store or authorized retailers and distributors. If you purchased a used product, or a product that was purchased through non-authorized sales channels, your application will be cancelled.
3: The trade-up program will be applied as one discounted replacement LiveShell X per one LiveShell 2. It is possible to trade-up multiple LiveShell 2 devices at once.
4: We may not be able to accept a trade-up in cases where there is obvious signs of intentional damage or disassembly, or if the product was purchased used.
5: Please initialize your LiveShell 2 before sending it to Cerevo. Please refer to the online manual for more information on initialization -
6: Cerevo may use the returned LiveShell 2 for product analysis and other purposes.