• cloudiss

    For cloudiss SELECT, click here - cloudiss SELECTFor cloudiss stand, click here - cloudiss StandFor Multi Gadget Holder, click here - Multi Gadget Holder cloudiss is an small portable alarm with Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy) to sync with a smartphone. You...

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  • cloudiss Stand

    cloudiss Stand is the official companion stand for the Cerevo cloudiss smart alarm, crafted from natural walnut to match the cloudiss cap it is designed to focus sound from cloudiss resulting in a volume boost 4 times greater than using cloudiss by...

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  • Multi Gadget Holder

    Crafted from genuine leather the Cerevo Multi Gadget Holder is a high end companion product designed to carry small gadgets such as audio players, mobile batteries and Cerevo's own cloudiss Smart Alarm and as well as any cables needed. Insert a device...

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