DOMINATOR Official Display Stand (with AC adapter)

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Display your DOMINATOR and watch it transform automatically with the DOMINATOR Official Display Stand, on the stand DOMINATOR will light up and transform from Paralyzer and Eliminator mode. Using the DOMINATOR App you can control the transformation frequency and number of transformations.

The DOMINATOR App has been updated adding a “Display Mode*” option to use with the Official Display Stand. Display Mode* allows your DOMINATOR to automatically transform from Paralyzer and Eliminator mode while placed on the Official Display Stand, transformation frequency can be set to activate every 15 seconds to 24 hours and the maximum number of transformations can be set to between 1 and 12 times.    

*Display Mode can only be used with the Official Display Stand, activating Display Mode when DOMINATOR is not on the Official Display Stand will damage the device and could cause injury to yourself or others.

  • Size: 420×100×145 (mm)
  • Weight: 510g