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Reinterpreting the humble alarm.

You can setup how loud you want the alarm to be and set how difficult it is to turn off the alarm.

Perfect if you need a little extra help to get up in the morning.
cloudiss has an internal battery lasts for 21 days and can be charged by normal micro USB cable.




Unveiled a Smart Alarm Automatically alarming by syncing with Google Calendar

By using cloudiss app you would be able to connect the device via Bluetooth to set up and control the alarm. You can schedule the time to alarm manually or sync the alarm with your schedule on the Google Calendar. Offset function enables to set the alarm before arbitrary minutes from the earleiest schedule in the morning to let you wake up and get dressed before leaving your home.

cloudiss app has also adopted for text-to-speech, reads out your schedule by voice after you had stopped the alarm, so you would be able to know what to do for the day you wakes up.

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